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About Us

Triumph Christian Center (TCC):

Our Mission Statement or principal objective is the foundation of our ministry. All other elements of our organization and all of our everyday decisions are based on fulfilling our mission. It is what we constantly strive to achieve and is a broad statement of our purpose and direction.


Triumph Christian Center seeks to be a ministry designed to encourage the pursuit of excellence in holy living through the practical application of Biblical principles while encouraging and demonstrating victorious living, passionate praise, reverent worship, and excellent service.

Our Primary Services:

  • To provide an environment conducive to spiritual development and moral excellence.
  • To develop soul winning and evangelism skills.
  • To move members from membership to discipleship.
  • To assist in the development of practical life skills.
  • To allow for expression and the exercise of ministry gifts.
  • To provide outlets for meaningful Christian fellowship for all ages.
  • To be socially responsible in the community.
  • To assist members in crisis resolution.

What Does Our Congregation Do?

  1. Worship God
  2. Study God’s Word
  3. Give to support the work of God
  4. Fellowship
  5. Witness
  6. Obey God’s Word
  7. Receive power and blessings from God
  8. Represent God
  9. Serve God and work for Him
  10. 10. Intercede and stand in the gap for others